DON'T BE SEDUCED BY THE DARK SIDE — It is so easy to fall prey as a young woman or at any age to the wrong sort of man. Narcissists — Sociopath — or a complete Psychopath.
But how would you know ? — Good question one asked by so many woman that have fallen prey to this sort of man and had their lives completely destroyed, scared in some way. These woman have been stalked, controlled, coerced, abuse, sexually abused, financially abused, isolated from family and friends. I have been one of those woman, i fell prey to a man when i was 24 years old; all of the above, Narcissists — Sociopath — and a complete Psychopath and i didn't even know it was happening at the time. It took me years to wake up, after years of abuse and see who this person really was. Sociopaths and Psychopaths share many of the same traits and are masters at influence and deception, just like Christian Grey.

This is what a NarcissistsSociopathPsychopath do, they are charming, seductive, say all the right things, while little by little they have begun to take away your life, doing so in a way you don't even see it coming. If you look you look up Psychopath, Sociopath they would have Christian Grey's name right next to the definition — he personifies all of what a Psychopath and Sociopath is. This type of man is not the Prince Charming he trying to sell you as being — he is the type of man you run for your life from and don't look back.
Sociopaths and Psychopaths have a type they prey on: vulnerable and innocence. 

How to spot a sociopath - 10 red flags that could save you from being swept under the influence of a charismatic nut job Read Here 
How to spot a Psychopath, their traits to look out for.  Read
Psychopathy, a severe form of personality disorder, is characterized by superficial charm, pathological lying and a lack of remorse.

Psychopathic behavior lurks among human interactions today, infecting character traits and destroying families and organizations along the way.

It's a behavior pattern that is void of empathy, seeking attention and personal gain no matter the cost. Entire families can be ripped apart and drained of energy all because of a psychopath's cunning web of lies. In the culture of big business and big government, psychopathic behavior is practically given incentive, as people learn to manipulate, colluding their way to the top.

Sadly, psychopaths can go undetected in modern-day society, often because they appear loving and angelic at first, using flowery language to gain other people's trust.

Psychopaths are aware of what they want and play on people's emotions to get what they want. Oftentimes, they will paint themselves as a victim, only to use other people's sympathy for attention and personal gain.

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I had my own money, my own career when i met the Christian Grey in my life. I soon learned i was the arm candy as well. He wanted someone beautiful to show off, but at the same time he wanted someone to control. He pursued me, two weeks of dating he asked me to marry him; i said "NO". After six months i had said yes, and six months later we were married. All of his full traits had not surfaced at this time, we were still in the charm, seduction stage — all loved up. "LOVE IS BLIND"
And my Psychopath Christian Grey was a better sales man, he made Christian Grey look like an amateur. 
How i wore my hair, how i dressed, who i saw and talked to, all controlled by my Psychopath, isolated me from family and friends.

Didn't want me to work anymore, wanted control over all aspects of my life. I was followed, he wanted to know my every move. Our so called friends were the rich elitists, millionaires-billionaires, going to their parties, i met Diplomats, VIP's i was expected to entertain them and their wives while they were in Australia. I become to realize many of these woman were just like me; abused and controlled.

Controlling a person is not love, abusing a person is not love, stalking a person is not love, coercing a person into doing things is not love. Yet so many woman are right now living this sort of relationship; also trapped, isolated too scared to leave, have no money and no where to go to. I left my first marriage more than once, but like the charmers these type of men are, and yes there are women with the identical characteristics as well; he sweet talked me back, in other words i believed the bullshit and lies he was feeding me, because he was that dam good at his lies and seduction.

I married a Christian Grey and i can tell you right now it is not a fairy tale, it becomes a complete nightmare, and i am not the only woman who has lived this life, thousands of woman all around the world have. The Greater the power the greater the abuse....absolutely.

I had fractured bones, bruises from the abuse, black eyes, i lost a baby from the abuse. You feel so much shame as a victim of abuse, yet you have done nothing wrong.

I would wear sunglasses when there was no sun to hide the bruise on my eye, long sleeves to hide the bruises on my arms. You would have to make up stories to tell your friends; the ones that were left so they didn't find out the truth. I was given the third degree if i saw someone, "what did i say, what did i tell them" he would ask, wanting to know if i exposed him. When i finally did leave for the very last time and i exposed him for being an abuser and Psychopath i was beaten up for it. I spoke to professionals about my abuse i was going through in confidence, they had met him even. Summed up his character in one word Psychopath.
And me being a professional with degree's did not stop me from being a victim of abuse Abuse does not discriminate. You can read more about my life of abuse, my own story through this link HERE
Domestic Violence and abuse does leave Invisible Scars Read the Article Here

I got the threats "If you ever leave me, i will make sure you are either living in the gutter or dead."

I recorded him, what he would say and do behind closed doors, because away from those hidden doors he could sell snow to Eskimos, camel shit to Arabs, he was just that bloody good at his lies.

I was coerced, then forced into doing sexual things i did not want to do. This happens in relationships, in marriages more than people realize.My husband at the time, my Christian Grey was living a completely double life; sex clubs, prostitutes, sex dungeons, porn addiction. I actually wrote about this very thing in a previous article HERE

It took me years to get my life back, i had lost my own identity through being abused; this is the same for the other woman all around the world who have been through this abuse. HERE

I am remarried to an amazing man, who has taught me to trust again, and he is certainly not like the Psychopath Christian Grey i married the first time around. This is just a small fraction of my life married to a Christian Grey Sociopath and Psychopath, i living hell i wish upon no other person.

So ladies, young teens if you have read the abuse novels of Fifty Shades of Grey and seen the movie, this is not some sort of fairy-tale....wake the FUCK UP. This is abuse. Read here what Fifty Shades of Grey is really about. The medical information in those books so wrong, the BDSM wrong, it was sadomasochism. Come on ladies you know what happens when you loose your virginity, and its not what was portrayed in those books. If a guy said to you i don't make love i fuck hard; and you are a virgin, you would run for the bloody hills. If Christian Grey fucked you like he did Anastasia the first night as a virgin you wouldn't be able to walk properly the next day, have trouble peeing, and the last thing you would be doing would be having sex the very next day. That is reality....you need a reality check Erica James.

Come on ladies don't be a lip biting dimwit like Anastasia Steel who has the brains of a bloody fly, seduced and hypnotized by money and charm, yes she was seduced by his money and charm. No bloody brains what's so ever, even her room mate Kate saw she was hypnotized by his charms and money and tried to warn her. Anastasia was too much of a bloody dimwit to see this.
You are certainly not going to learn about sex, romance or even pleasure from this complete and utter rubbish. Every Psychologist knows "When you sexualize violence, you make the violence invisible, not only to the reader but to society" and that is exactly what Erica James did what marketing did and is still doing. Read Here
Those books and the movie were responsible for rapes, sexual abuse, stalking, child abuse, the death of a child and also the break down of marriages and relationships.

I will be doing an article about stalking very shortly also. I was the victim of stalking just 18 months ago, attacked in my home while i was alone. The persons had been watching me to know my movements, then i was brutally attacked. Our main website for our advocates did a very in-depth article on stalking last year read by millions of people.
I want to do a follow up article of my own and show you how easy it is to be stalked and attacked. How to make yourself more cyber safe, as well as safer in your own environment.  Women are being stalked from the internet, leading stalkers right back into your own environment, to your home and you never even see it coming.

Please watch the video to learn about a Psychopath, sexual abuse, rape and stalking, this was designed and edited by our team of designers.

So all you teens; and older adults, who should know better, but you don't and who have taken for gospel that utter crap in Fifty Shades of Grey because marketing by this franchise has sold you abuse, sexual abuse, rape, stalking, control and being coerced into being fluffy white bunnies, hearts and flowers, musical violins, love — seriously — because its not. Its in reality the sex life of Erica James and is all abuse. Read Here

Having you bend over a table and have your bare ass whipped with force of a leather belt to the count of 10 is not love, that is violent abuse like Christian Grey did. If you love someone you would never do that in the first place. Here is the reality of what your ass would like like after even five lashes of a leather belt when you are whipped by Christen Grey in the books and movie; red raw, skin broken and you are bleeding, yes people you are bleeding, in so much pain. Bruises form, dark purple bruises that take months to go away. You have a job to sit for months. That's after five lashes not 10. After ten you need to get medical attention.
It would take 3-6 months to heal from a beating like that across your ass, i should know. And when you would have done this repeatedly for your abusers sexual gratification— not yours, theirs; you are left with scars for life on your ass — that is reality.  The guys who do this, hurt another person like this, do this because they get off on your pain, controlling you, seeing you hurt and crying. Don't forget after these types of guys have finished whipping the absolutely hell out of your ass, they then fuck you. That is also reality, you are in pain in more ways than one. This is not romance this is torture, violent abuse.
Doing this to a person is neither love or respect or bloody romance; it is control, abuse and a complete Psychopath who does this, and it is certainly not BDSM. read and watch this video through this link Here or you can watch it through our youtube channel. We uploaded the video edited last year and youtube blocked it, 3 months ago they unblocked it. 
There is no nudity, our designers obtained this video, got the sections of the video we wanted to show, nudity has been blurred out. This is an R rated movie after all, have to stress again there is no nudity in this video. 
This video we uploaded has had over 250,000 views to date. This is shows you the out right abuse
and irresponsibility of this movie and the entire franchise.

Fifty Shades of Grey is a how to guide for a Psychopath. Full Article here


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