Abuse — leaves Invisible Scars


Rise Up Abuse does not have a used by date, it can last a life time and usually does. Abuse does not discriminate. Rise Up You matter, your pain, your cries matter, your silent pain matters. Quite often pain and suffering has no voice, it is silent — Abuse leaves Invisible Scars   Rise Up to be heard. 
Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Domestic Abuse, sexual abuse, Psychological Abuse, Sibling Abuse do not discriminate, they effect all sexes, all genders, all races, all religions and all social statues. Abuse does not respect Gender.

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What you Don't Know can Hurt Me  Please Read the articles Here Those seven words are absolutely correct. What you don't know can hurt a child or an adult who has or is suffering, a victim of abuse, rape, sexual abuse. 
If you say to yourself "OH well its not my problem because it has never happened to me"
Then you become ignorant to what is going on around you. 

I know first hand what it is like to suffer a life of abuse. I went through it. I was abused by my mother — NOT my father. I did not come from a poor family, there were no drugs or alcohol involved in that abuse. I was at the age of 8 yrs old sexual abused by my step brother who was 10 years older than me. I told my mother, she said "don't cause trouble, don't you tell anyone else." My step brother did not just sexually abuse me he did this to my two younger brothers as well.
I was abused by my brothers growing up, they learned that abuse from my mother.
I become conditioned to abuse without even knowing this. I was shy and quite a perfect target for a sociopath and psychopath
I then went on to marry a man who is a complete sociopath and psychopath who abused me for over a decade. I was trapped, isolated.
It took me years to get my voice and life back after having it sucked away by a complete Psychopath.
More of my story of what i went through is in this article here
My story, is a typical story of abuse, millions of people go through what i went through.
Abuse is covered up within the family, child abuse, sibling abuse, domestic abuse.

Right now there are millions of children beginning a life of abuse. You, society needs to learn the signs, know what to look for become educated about abuse — all abuse.
Right now there are thousands of children being groomed for abuse just on social media platforms alone. Adults are being target on social media to be re-abused.

Society is creating Psychopaths — a severe personality disorder. Please read this article here
A Psychopath and Sociopath are your typical stalkers, domestic violence, and sexual abuser's. On social media they look for cues in the way the person or child talks about themselves, with what they write.
In life they will sit in cafes, and watch for their next victim. The way a person walks or holds their head. A person with less confidence walks differently, holds their head differently and a Psychopath knows the signs to look out for.

Abuse can start from child hood and continue right through to an adult and beyond. The consequences of this abuse and the silence by the victims own families, by Governments, by the courts, by the broken justice system has devastating effects on the victims of abuse. Children and adults. Rise Up so we can be heard, we will no longer be silenced. 

We have talked about abuse in previous articles — abuse has become a public health crisis world wide. 
We have to start educating our children about abuse — all abuse. You as a parent are your children's educator. It is primarily up to you to teach your child about abuse. But in order to do this you as a parent, or a woman, a man have to educated yourself.

Abuse — is a public health crisis dismissed by the police, by the courts by our Governments world wide, a crime discounted or covered up. 
And YES, domestic violence, murder, manslaughter, rape, sexual abuse, child abuse are crimes, but you certainly would not know it, with how the victims are treated.

Ignorance hides violence so does silence. 
Abuse leaves scars for the rest of your life. Do not let your child be another child to carry those scars. 
Millions of children and adults around the world  commit suicide because of abuse. 
Do not let your child or someone you know be another statistic. 

Anxiety from abuse, trauma The memories, the psychological abuse lasts a life time.
Anxiety, PTSD, anorexia, cutting, OCD, high bloody pressure, binge eating, heart attache, health problems, even cardiomyopathy which is a heart condition; from anxiety from being a victim of abuse. This sums up perfectly the symptoms, the effects of anxiety, we wanted to share this with any one who is suffering from anxiety. You are not alone and do not let anyone shame you for having anxiety. Anxiety can happen to adults and children even the family pet.

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