ԼƠƔЄ — You are Beautiful


Has anyone told you today, how appreciated you are, how loved you are for all you do or say. Well i thought i would start. Remember you are a Goddess, you are also a warrior, as a women, a mother, and a wife. Most of all you deserve happiness, to be loved. 

I used to play these words over and over in my head once, words said to me by my ex-husband, the domestic violence abuser, and murderer of our baby girl. 
He said "No one will ever want you, or want to love you again". Those words were a knife to my heart. Those words shouted at me when i found the strength to end my abusive marriage for good and never go back. 

I had to learn how to love myself again, i had forgotten how to because of the Psychological and physical abuse by him. And he was so wrong.

So i shout these words to all you girls and ladies who may have not been told today how special you are.

You are beautiful
You are loved
You are needed
You are alive for a reason
You are stronger than you think you are
You are going to get through it
I am glad you are here and alive
Never give up hope
You deserve happiness
You are a warrior

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